Our Quality

On Ground Inspections

We have quality control experts in most growing areas in the United States, giving us the capability of inspecting a crop and all shipments in any growing area when needed. We also have inspectors in most major ports in the continental United States, looking at offshore commodities. We have some of the best knowledge in the industry on the ground.

We Only Use Quality Growers and Shippers

Our company has built long-term partnerships with some of the best quality growers and shippers in the World. Our attention to detail and method of doing business has earned us an outstanding reputation among these growers. Not only because of our hard work, but also because of the high level of integrity we demand in every aspect of our business dealings. We have the flexibility to get the best for you.


Follow Through on Every Transaction

All of us at Harvest Crown are dedicated to making every transaction as professional and trouble-free as possible. We book the orders, arrange the transportation (or dispatch your truck), have our own team inspect each load and track the truck until it arrives at your facility. We quickly resolve any issue to your satisfaction.


Customer and Shipper Partnering

Harvest Crown is committed to creating partnerships between our customers and grower/shippers to create the best value for each dollar spent. We understand that we are a service business and must provide our customers with consistent outstanding service and excellent quality fruits and vegetables. Our grower/shipper partners are some of the best in the industry.